Visitors will get to experience a different and organic side of Hong Kong through the Hong Kong Tourism Board’s upcoming Great Outdoors campaign.

Visitors will see a Hong Kong that is far removed from its urban centre image and instead show star-filled skies on a remote island, a sea of clouds on a tranquil mountaintop, a sunrise on a majestic peak and endless swathes of greenery and country parks.

A sea of clouds on a tranquil mountaintop in Tai Mo Shan, the highest peak in Hong Kong standing 957 metres high. Photo taken by award-winning photographer, Jessica Li.

TMoreover, visitors will now get to see Hong Kong as a spectacular, nature-filled geological wonderland by following Your Guide to Hiking & Cycling in Hong Kong, recently published by the HKTB.

The guide is divided into three different themes: Hiking in Heritage; Picture-Perfect Vistas; and Geological Wonders. Under each section are suggested trails that suit the theme, along with the time needed for completion and difficulty level. The guide also features a few cycling trails for those who are keen to explore the city from another perspective.

Gorgeous star-filled skies and a sea of clouds seen from the 869-metre high Sunset Peak, the third highest peak in Hong Kong.  Photos taken by Hong Kong National Geographic’s Photo Contest winner Will Cho.