A new trade association has been set up to help promote new, emerging and

established destinations to develop their tourism industries on a worldwide basis.


The London-based Association for International Travel and Tourism (AITT) aims to promote

leisure and business travel across the world. It will do this by providing an international

information exchange platform and a range of skills and activities that will enable countries to

develop their home-grown tourism industries.


To achieve its objectives the AITT will be working closely with a variety of other associations,

clubs and educational groups in the international travel industry to ensure the widest possible

dissemination of news and information about the countries and destinations it represents.


The association is led by a broad-based general management committee with directors

responsible for each region of the World. There is an Executive Committee dealing with the

main day-to-day functions and liaison directors who handle links with hotels, airlines, rail travel

operators and other associations.



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