Loganair has had its international connectivity further boosted by the signing of partnerships with three major airlines, with four more pending.

The deals with Air France, KLM and Thomas Cook Airlines enable Loganair customers to through-ticket and to through-check baggage with where flights connect at Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness and Norwich. In addition to these deals, Loganair is close to signing agreements with Emirates and another three international airlines, which it will announce soon.

The moves are the latest in Loganair’s “Better Connected” programme, which aims to provide the Scottish airline’s key destinations with a wide range of links both for local community travelling worldwide.

The partnerships with KLM and Air France will allow passengers from all Loganair’s Highlands & Islands destinations to travel via Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow or Inverness onto KLM flights to Amsterdam and from there to destinations worldwide; and via Aberdeen and Edinburgh to Air France flights to Paris Charles de Gaulle and again onwards to destinations worldwide.

The deal with Thomas Cook Airlines will allow holiday connections from the Highlands and Islands via Glasgow to destinations including the USA, and both Eastern and the Western Mediterranean on a single ticket and the same will apply to Emirates services to the Middle East and thence to the Far East and Australia. The Thomas Cook partnership also provides long-haul connections from Inverness via Manchester to destinations including New York, Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco, Seattle, Orlando and Las Vegas on a single ticket.