Wendy Wu Tours has recorded its biggest all-time revenue figure making 2018 the operator’s most successful year in its 20-year history.

With forward bookings up year-on-year for 2019, the operator is launching a new collection of travel experiences called ‘The Complete Collection’, featuring the best in travel across Asia and South America. It’s the operators first-ever combined collection of holidays, and largest collection to date, all displayed in a stylish, informative and easy-to-use guide.

To celebrate the launch and to thank customers for their loyalty Wendy Wu are offering business class upgrades across selected departures from £199 per person and free VIP door-to-door home transfers.

Commenting on Wendy Wu’s outstanding year and the launch of its new collection, John Warr, global sales director, said: “We’ve seen outstanding growth across Asia making 2018 a record-breaking year for revenue and passenger numbers, the best in our 20-year history! Bookings have soared, largely driven by our superior business class upgrades and VIP home transfers which are incredibly popular with our agents and customers. We’ve seen a substantial spike in travel to Japan, India and South America this year as well as considerable growth in Solo travel.” Warr goes on to say: “Over the years our collection has grown exponentially and so for the first time we’re launching a new definitive guide called ‘The Complete Collection’ featuring the best travel experiences across Asia and South America. It’s the ultimate guide to the best in travel all compiled in an easy-to-use, informative and stylish format.”