Cruise & Maritime Voyages is looking forward to cruising again and has been keeping the CMV experience forefront in consumer’s minds using digital marketing, PPC, SEO, E-marketing and Social Media activity. CMV’s blogs, destination videos and virtual CMV at Home films screened during the cruise suspension have been well received.

Lockdown escalated the use of digital channels, apps and online purchasing. With consumers ‘at home’ news feeds peaked, and many turned to apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Zoom to communicate and stay in touch. With leisure venues also shut, consumers had more time on their hands to surf the internet and do some research. Travel was no exception as people looked forward to holidays which are now beginning to become possible again.

In June, the CMV website new or unique users was only down by 10% compared with June 2019 and the number of sessions per user was slightly up. This suggests that the research period is being extended with holidaymakers seeking to return to the website for more visits than previously to do their research.